A Farewell to Tracking BBC and Thoughts for Improvement

The time has finally come for us to bid adieu to tracking BBC.com. While following this account for the past semester, I’ve noticed a few things that I think BBC is good at and some things I think it could work on. So without further ado here they are:

What BBC is good at

  • It’s good at getting global
Russian news alongside American news on BBC.com’s homepage

BBC is a great site to follow when you want to be aware of global news. Since it is a news site based in the UK, you get more news that’s based in Europe or Asia and even America.

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In-Store v.s. Digital Shopping on Black Friday – Live Twitter Coverage

Black Friday. The day after Thanksgiving. The day where people all across the nation leave their homes and shop in sometimes dangerous crowds. But as shoppers turn to the digital sphere to get their shopping done, I’m wondering how much people actually spend in-store versus online.

So I’m taking to the streets. The sidewalk between two of the most popular malls in the San Fernando Valley: the Americana and the Glendale Galleria.

Follow along this post or my Twitter Feed for live updates on my Black Friday coverage.


And if you’d like to see all my Black Friday tweets in one place, check out the Twitter moment here!

How BBC.com Handled Breaking News in the Texas Shooting

As is the case with most news stories, the article BBC.com wrote about the shooting in Texas this past Sunday jumped immediately into the action:

“The attack on the small church outside San Antonio during Sunday services left 26 people dead – half were children.”

Straight to the point so that the readers know the biggest detail of this story.

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Adobe Sparks Video Practice: My Take On Glossier Advertisement

Glossier has some great serums so here’s my take on how they should advertise them. I imagine this video placed before a Twitter video as a skippable ad.

Here’s the link: https://spark.adobe.com/video/hbmI0HyJ6uW3A.

As for my experience with using Adobe Sparks video:

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